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April 17, 2024
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Flamingoes: Migratory birds of the Queen Elizabeth National Park

There are wildlife species that don’t have permanent homes because they keep moving from one country to another. In the bird’s world, these are called migratory birds. Flamingos are some of those birds and they are commonly seen in Queen Elizabeth every time they are in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth national park is not only Uganda’s most popular park but also Uganda’s capital home of the migratory bird species – the Flamingos.  

Like any other salt lakes, Bunyampaka Crater Lake is known for two very special things, the salt and the Beautiful Flamingos. 

According to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), the Queen Elizabeth National Park is classified as an important birding area by Birders international with over 600 species of birds majorly because of the park’s numerous water bodies, the savanna and forests that the birds call home.

There are quite a number of places which are still undiscovered by many that tourists of all kinds can explore.

Their pink colour reflected in the waters in which their long legs stand create a good view. However, even when they look quite many, flamingoes are some of the endangered species because their habitats are on the decrease.

Many people don’t seem to know that Uganda has flamingos perhaps because they are either migratory birds or birding as a tourism component is not significantly being promoted as it deserves.

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