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May 19, 2024
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We did it for TiTok Likes- Duo says after Police arrested them for stealing people’s phones

A video went viral yesterday on social media with a duo coming out to confess how they erase people’s stolen phones. One of the youths known as Savior Guma appeared with a bag full of smart phones. He then revealed that erasing the tracking codes of these smartphones is his occupation.

According to Savior, he always picks a bag full of smartphones and turns them into something else. He said that he can turn the system of an IPhone into that of an Android phone. When he got to the Android phones, he said that these are easy to crack.

Additionally, this lad said that no matter what system a phone has, he can get into it, erase everything and turn it into something else. He even bragged that these are stolen phones and whenever they are snatched from the owners, they are brought to him to erase everything on it.

Ths young man said that if people see him driving luxurious cars in future, they should know that it’s the power of their stolen smartphones that made him rich. Information has it that Guma is a 19 year old student at the Uganda Institute of Information and Technology.

As soon as this video hit the internet, it went viral. This forced Police into an investigation and it finally located the duo and arrested them. They confessed to recording the video just for social media likes. However, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Mr. Patrick Onyango said that these two will be charged with computer misuse.

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