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April 13, 2024
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Muyingo: semi-candidate classes should report back to school without fail

The ministry of education has tasked parents and teachers to ensure that all learners in semi candidate classes report back to school without fail. The State Minister for higher education John Chrysostom Muyingo says even learners who got pregnant during the lockdown as a result of school closure should be allowed to study.

After almost a year out of school, semi candidate classes and students in higher institutions of learning will resume their education starting 1st March.

But a month after the government announced the reopening, many teachers are still wondering where to start from while conducting lessons.

But the State Minister for Higher Education John Chrysostom Muyingo has tasked teachers to employ their expertise to ensure all learners are at the same level as the National Curriculum Development Centre finalises the way forward.

“Students have been learning from TVs, radios and there are those who have not been accessing those facilities. This is why I am saying that a trained teacher is expected to be in class. They should be able to find out from the learners themselves on how much they are prepared and how much they have learnt. And its from that that the teachers will see where to start from,” he said.

Muyingo urges stakeholders to ensure that all learners in the category that is supposed to resume classes report back including those who are pregnant. There has been fear among leaders in most communities that some schools may not have female students after the lockdown after many were impregnated.

“This term will cover a lot of material which is actually meant to be covered in two terms. There will be no time and that’s why I am urging parents to send their students back to school immediately including those who have been impregnated.”

The Minister has also revealed that unlike the previous years when learners could sit for final exams and be promoted to another class, this time round the assessment system has changed and there will be no examinations.

He has however warned schools that have already hiked school fees contrary to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education guidelines that they risk the repercussions.

“Nobody is allowed to raise fees without the approval of the management committee or board of governors or without approval of the permanent secretary.”

Students in S.5, S.3, and P.6 are the ones reporting on Monday. The Universities are also supposed to reopen but in a staggered manner.

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