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May 19, 2024
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Flying Squad arrests goon who tried to hack his boss at a mobile money spot in Natete

Information coming indicates how the Flying Squad has apprehended the goon that tried to hack his boss at a mobile money spot as he tried to conduct a transaction. He has been identified as Ashraf Kiiza and he was arrested from his hideout in Rakai district.

According to sources, Kiiza was an employee of Beshir Mill Investment that belonged to Turyamuhaki Sam who he tried to rob.  It’s reported that Kiiza had been working at this maize mill for the past four months.

According to the video, Kiiza attacked Sam with a pang and hammer. He then started demanding for the money worth millions that his boss was trying to send. However, Turyamuhaki bravely retaliated and fought this goon.

He managed to get the hammer from him but he got his head cut in the scuffle. It was here that other people came out and helped Turyamuhaki forcing Kiiza to flee into thin air.

Speaking to the media about this scenario, Turyamuhaki said: – “I was verifying a sum of 8 million shillings when an employee, Kiiza Ashiraf, entered the office with a sack.”

“Before I knew it, he pulled out a machete and a hammer and demanded the money.”

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