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Political Analyst Charles Rwomushana speaks about Speaker Anita Among Assassination

Speaker Anita Among Assassination. Political analyst Charles Rwomushana has spoken about an attempted  assassination of the speaker of Parliament. This follows an alleged letter by President Museveni questioning the so-called service rewards to the former Leader of Opposition, Hon Mathias Mpuuga, the speaker and other  Parliament backbenchers.

In this letter addressed to the Attorney General, Museveni sought to know the legality of this matter. Furthermore, he also questioned who authorized it and what has been done about it. It should be noted that a few months ago, a Uganda Parliament Exhibition rocked the internet.

This saw a rift between NUP top political leadership between Bobi Wine and Hon Mathias Mpuuga. The two fell out and Mpuuga was alienated from the party as it accused him of partaking in corruption. According to the ‘President’s letter’, he has been following this matter closely and wanted to be fed on all the information.

The pressure seems to be piling on the Speaker, Hon Anita Among. Following sanctions on her by the UK, Museveni told the IGG and Minister of integrity to launch an investigation into the so-called assets that she owns in the UK.

But according to Rwomushana, he believes that this latest letter is fake. He added that this is the wok of the LGBTQ who are witch hunting the Speaker.

Rwomushana also said that he won’t be surprised if the current Speaker of Parliament is assassinated.

It should be noted that the Speaker’s troubles began unraveling after she fronted the anti-homosexuality act. It’s when all her troubles have begun at the forefront of making sure that the speaker feels the heat is NUP president, Bobi Wine.

Besides, the Speaker has also blamed her woes on the LGBTQ community. Whatever falls her way whether justified or not, the LGBTQ takes the blame. It’s waited to see if the President’s reps will come out to address the authenticity of the latest letter.

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