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April 13, 2024
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Land Fragmentation hurting farmers in South western Uganda

Farmers in South Western Uganda who embraced the use of quality declared seeds are concerned about the low production due to land fragmentation. These are calling on the Government to support them financially and enable venture into commercial production. Himbaza Basaza the Kisoro District agriculture officer however encourages farmers to work in groups. Details follow.

A visit to South Western Uganda once notices paddocks belonging to different farmers, that are clearly marked Naro bean two, Nabe 16. Irish potatoes and Onions are some of the crops grown by farmers in the Kisoro, Kabale due to the favourable soils. But despite the farmer’s love for farming, land fragmentation is hindering large production.

The farmers in Kisoro want the Government to consider funding their cooperatives to be able to buy foundation seeds, which are expensive. Himbaza Basaza the Kisoro District agriculture officer encourages farmers to embrace working in groups to ease bulking and access to the market.

Rodgers Mfitumukiza, a seed expert from integrated seed sector Development has appealed to the government to ensure timely inspection of farmer groups to ensure seeds produced are of high quality as a way of curbing fake seeds on the market.

The high cost of fertilizers and fake pesticides on market has as well also affected farmers in southwestern Uganda hence the low yields.

Due to the poor soils that are forcing farmers to use fertilizers, the Government partnered with the integrated seed sector development and kingdom of the Netherlands to promote quality declared seeds.

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