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May 19, 2024
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Video: Shock as man pulls out machete and hammer to rob client at Mobile Money in Natete

Social media has been left in shock after a man pulled out a hammer and machete at a mobile money spot in Natete. According to footage obtained by this website, these two men can be seen at this mobile money spot as each one of them appears to be about their business.

Apparently one of the men can be seen counting his money as he prepares to hand it to the mobile money agent to send it somewhere. This other goon appears to also be picking his money from the polythene bags that he had laid on the chair.

However and shockingly, he pulls out a hammer and machete. He then attacks the man who was trying to deposit money with the agent. The man out of fear drops the money on the floor and retreats a step back.

This goon pulls the money towards himself with the foot. Bravely, the man whose money was about to be robbed swings into action and grabs this thug. Luckily he was more powerful but the goon somehow overpowered him and threw him on the floor.

Apparently this thief swings the machete at the man’s head but he manages to grab the hammer from him and fights back forcing the thief to sprint out of the room. It’s then that the mobile money agent rushed out to help the man who was now fighting for his life.

People have now been advised to always be vigilant while at mobile money spots. Lots of thugs and conmen always take camp there to get their prey who they either rob with violence or by conning them.

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