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Mathew Rukikaire explains why he’s still in NRM despite disagreements

Mathew Rukikaire one of the founding members of the ruling NRM has come out to reveal why he’s still in the NRM despite his disagreements with the party on majority of its policies.

While appearing on NBS TV, Rukikaire was asked by Simon Kaggwa Njala why he’s still in the party he disagrees with.

The former state finance Minister said that he would be no where without the NRM.

He added that he doesn’t want to be like his ex comrades Besigye and Muntu who broke away from the party to form their own parties.

This is because he feels he doesn’t have to leave the party to express his views.

“Where would I be if not NRM? I don’t think leaving NRM is the solution. Some people like Besigye left when they tried to change the things. Besigye went and formed a new party. Muntu has also since broken away from the party he formed. I don’t think I should leave the NRM party to share the views that I hold,” Mathew Rukikaire said.

Rukikaire was one of the young men who decided to go to the Bush and create change and indeed they did.

He however himself didn’t go to the bush but aided the struggle in other ways.

“Some of us who were young people of that time and old people of today thought that we could change things. The government was being mismanaged, and I was part of the people who brought change.

I was part of the people who started the war, but I didn’t go to the bush. The war started after a rigged election. In Africa, starting a war to dislodge a sitting government is not easy. We wanted to create democratic conditions,” he added.

Rukikaire bravely said that some of the democratic conditions they hoped to bring to the country have failed due to a number of reasons.

He added that the democracy NRM hoped to bring didn’t get realized.

He said for the economic part, the party achieved it partly but the country has to narrow down borrowing.

“The democratic conditions have not endured due to some circumstances. Some of them have endured. Those that haven’t can be corrected through dialogue. I want you to underline the point, despite my strong views, I’m still a member of the NRM.
I don’t think we have achieved the democracy we had planned at that time. We need to ask ourselves whether we have brought the democracy we are proud of. Economic stability was achieved to some extent. Down the line, we got problems. A big issue that we must address today is the over borrowing that we have done.”

He also added that it was wrong to have the presidential terms scrapped because Uganda would have had three presidents now.

Rukikaire also said that he doesn’t think a bush war would solve Uganda’s problems now but rather dialogue.

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