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Use 1Stream’s CRM with built-In voice capabilities to meet all your Business Needs

A fully integrated CRM is essential to ensure that your sales, service and marketing teams can work hand-in-hand to deliver an excellent customer experience in a business. 1Stream’s innovative all-in-one CRM solution is specifically designed to manage customer service and drive sales from one centralised, omni-channel platform, with built-in voice capabilities.

Here are 4 benefits 1Stream’s CRM solution can provide for your organisation:

1. Everything operates off one platform

1Stream’s CRM solution securely stores all information about your customer – including every sale, interaction, complaint or query across all mediums (email, SMS, WhatsApp, chat, phone call or social media) – on one platform that can be accessed by all members of your team across all relevant departments, anywhere and anytime.

This enables every member of your team to engage with current and potential new customers in an informed, personal way, alleviating the need for the customer to re-explain the issue or request. This eliminates customer frustration and underscores the fact that you value your customers’ business. It also allows your team to operate together with a single goal: to deliver a customer experience and service that builds loyalty, and ultimately grow your customer base and positively impact your bottom line.

2. Built-in voice capabilities

Traditional call centres are fast becoming a thing of the past. Instead, they are transforming into contact centres using multi-media interactions and omni-channel solutions. This means that modern contact centres need integration between the CRM platform and the telephony system. 1Stream’s CRM has built-in voice capabilities, which fully integrate your call centre team. Customer details immediately appear on an agent’s screen, and they can offer personalised service by having immediate access to relevant customer information. The embedded click-to-call function saves time and eliminates human error. 1Stream’s all-in-one CRM also enables simplified reporting processes, as all data is stored in a single environment.

3. Easy to deploy and support

1Stream’s CRM offers speed to market and is easy to implement, and because everything operates off a single system, support is streamlined. As CX specialists, the 1Stream team will work closely with you to ensure that the platform meets – and exceeds – all of your organisation’s specific needs. The platform offers an array of automation, chatbots, dynamic scripting and voice analysis options so you can layer on advanced applications quickly and easily when the need arises.

1Stream prides itself on offering excellent and ongoing customer support. Because our CRM enables all of your sales, service and marketing needs to be delivered off a single platform, rather than multiple systems, support is both streamlined and cost-effective.

4. Cost-effective and relevant to SA market

As a local company that has won a string of awards for many innovative solutions, 1Stream knows and understands the unique South African market. 1Stream’s CRM is specifically designed to match and meet the needs of South African companies and their customers.

To find out more about 1Stream’s CRM solution and how we can help your business, contact us now.

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