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July 17, 2024
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Twitter left in awe as Ssangalyambogo ‘abuses’ Kisaakate values

Tweeps (Twitter users) have expressed mixed feelings and left in awe after carefully observing and taking note of the behavior of the princess of Buganda, Katrina Ssangalyambogo, especially when it comes to values related to the Kisakaate.

A Twitter user (@Kirya_Ug) started the conversation after wondering why parents and guardians have to pay over a million shillings for their children to go to the Kisakaate.

This is a yearly event organized by the Nnaabagereka of Buganda where teenagers are taught about ethics and code of conduct of the Kiganda culture such as cooking, dress wear among others.

This user wondered why Ssangalyambogo does the opposite of what is taught there yet parents send their children to the Nnaabagereka thinking that they will be taught morals.

This isn’t a tweet/opinion that seemed to irk many. Whereas some okayed this sentiment, others trashed it as they said that what the princess does is okay.

“Leave the parenting of princess Ssangalyambogo to her parents. I’m sure they are doing their job. Keep your nose out of it.”

“Kirya learn to mind your business when you call your friends to chew kakola leave Buganda out of your trash.”

It should be noted that Ssangalyambogo has on several occasions been spotted wearing bikinis at the beach and also revealing attires that some people find unfit for a princess.

Others have also questioned why she can’t speak fluent Luganda and yet the Kingdom officials are always preaching to the subjects to love their culture more than anything else.

Being a princess many think that the princess should be an ambassador of the kingdom which is not the case with Ssangalyambogo.

She’s just a free spirited soul who doesn’t get pulled back by the conservative traditions of the kingdom.

And it seems her parents have also let her be because she has a life of her own to live rather than being dictated around.

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