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December 4, 2022
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Video: Ugandan teenage girls threaten to kill their father for cheating on their mother

Well there was shock on the internet after a video surfaced that showed three teenage girls gang up with their mother against their father.

These girls hacked into their father’s phone. They then landed on all his WhatsApp chats with his side chic.

This man had had a visit to Uganda a while ago and while here, he got in touch with a certain slay queen.

Even when he flew back to the US, he kept in touch with her.

And his daughters became suspicious thus doing the unthinkable.

After landing on his chats, they called for a family meeting that had their mother and father in too.

They displayed the chats on a large screen amd started insulting their father.

One called him a serial cheater who had nothing to say to them.

Another told him how she badly wants to kill him for what he’s doing to their mother as they all cried.

The dad’s attempts to defend himself all fell on deaf ears as they couldn’t allow him to say anything as the name calling and insults rained on him.

His wife in disbelief revealed how he had told him to go for therapy together but he kept dodging.

Several people have now taken to different social media platforms to express their shock over this incident.

Some of these said that the girls are spoiled and this is a sign of a failed marriage.

This is because not in any way should children interfere in the bedroom affairs of their parents.

Besides recording everything and putting it on social media was only going to expose the family.

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