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June 23, 2024
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Nobert Mao will be the vice president when Muhoozi takes over power- Miria Matembe alleges

Former Ethics Minister Miria Matembe has revealed how DP president Nobert Mao is set to be the next vice president once the Muhoozi project becomes successful.

According to Miria Matembe, she had earlier heard that Mao is set to take up this role and she highly doubted it. However, when Mao was appointed the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Matembe started to rethink about this earlier rumor and how its starting to take shape.

Matembe added that she however feels so sorry for Mao. This is because its him that Museveni has chosen to use to kill and murder the constitution.

Further, she added that she’s been praying for Mao and hopes that God helps to use him to repair the ladders that have continuously been broken by the regime.

Matembe however doesn’t see any way that the country can have a dialogue and peaceful transition under the current government. Therefore Mao is going to face a lot of problems.

Mao however who was on the same Frontline show for the last time as a Frontliner said that he has a track record on rhe political scene.

And although he’s not a messiah, he knows that at least he will catalyse something positive in the politcal transformation of the country. This saw Matembe express her further sorrow towards Mao.

Meanwhile Mao’s tenure at NBS’ political talk show the Frontline came to an end yesterday. He was consequently replaced with Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda the MP for Kiira Municipality.

Mao is set to officially leave all his jobs as he’s expected to start his role as the new minister of Justice in the NRM government.

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