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President Museveni vows to punish Hon Joel Ssenyonyi over COSASE and Uganda Airlines

According to the latest information, President Museveni has vowed to discipline COSASE chairman and Nakawa west constituency MP, Hon Joel Ssenyonyi.

According to local news website Mulengeranews, Museveni in a cabinet meeting this week revealed how he’s closely following the COSASE-Uganda Airlines case.

Its said that the President revealed how he has a disregard for COSASE as its full of crooks and economic saboteurs.

And being that it’s headed by Ssenyonyi who is from a rival political party that has been criticizing him a lot, Museveni vowed to politically punish Ssenyonyi at some point.

This will be for the NUP spokesperson’s standing in the way of Museveni and NRM’s economic transformation of the country.

Further sources say that the President even told Uganda Airlines officials to shun the COSASE summons.

This is because they have lots of useful things to do that benefit the country than these useless summons.

According to this news website, Museveni added that he’s fought lots of political and economic saboteurs therefore a mere Joel Ssenyonyi can’t give him sleepless nights.

Museveni therefore is clearly not happy with the way Ssenyonyi and his committee have lifted the lid on the discrepancies in Uganda Airlines.

Meanwhile the Airlines CEO Ms Jennifer Bamuturaki who has been on the spot didn’t return for the second summon.

She sent the manager Quality Assurance at the Airlines Michael Karisa who said that she’s currently busy and will only return in the 3rd week of September.

Bamuturaki had also requested for the sittings to go ahead without cameras because what was being released was hurting business for the Airlines.

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