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June 23, 2024
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Journalist Daniel Lutaaya clarifies claims that he deleted election results showing Bobi Wine’s win

NBS TV’s journalist Daniel Lutaaya through his Twitter page has clarified on deleting election results that showed how NUP and Bobi Wine were robbed of their victory.

Social media users have always accused the journalist of hiding proof and deleting results that showed Bobi Wine leading in the presidential votes. These were however about two tweets that were deleted.

Lutaaya wondered how these people think that he had results from all the polling stations in the country. He tasked all those accusing him of deleting election results to publish all the screnshots he deleted.

He went ahead to clarify that he was simply tweeting updates from the polling stations he visited or results that were sent to him by NBS TV’S correspondents. And most of these were NUP strongholds reason Bobi Wine was always leading.

He however noticed that some people were actually thinking that the results he was tweeting were general thus deleting them.

He further added that its true the election had its inconsistencies. Lutaaya went ahead to point them out.

He added that these are being diverted from asking the Electoral Commission about these inconsistencies.

“This is not to say that the Ugandan election was without inconsistencies. For example the Election observers reports showed that 409 polling stations in 29 districts had 100% voter turn-out. To think that no one died, got sick or failed to turn up to vote there is unnatural.

President Yoweri Museveni polled 161,864 votes at these polling stations in Kiruhura, Kazo and Isingiro representing 95.8 per cent of votes cast with the rest of 10 presidential candidates sharing 4 per cent. according to CCEDU, this was highly suspicious.”

“There are 83 polling stations where the EC itself nullified the vote due to votes cast exceeding the number of voters registered in those areas. If you want to probe the real issues of the election, probe those because you have evidence and data, even reports by the EC itself.

I’ve heard the opposition talk of diversions. Don’t you think that those propagating an attack on me where they know there isn’t any evidence are diverting you from asking the EC for answers to those real issues. Issues backed up by numbers, statistics and reports. Think about it.” Lutaaya tweeted.

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