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Those telling Bitature to pay, who should he pay- Lawyer Fred Muwema questions

Entrepreneur and real estate tycoon Patrick Bitature’s lawyer Fred Muwema has come out to question those arguing that his client should pay back the money lent to him by Vantage Mezzanine Fund whonhe should pay to.

Muwema says that court declared that Vantage as an illegal entity and therefore non existent. Therefore his client has no one to pay

The lawyer added that those saying that there is a contract between Vantage and Bitature should know that it can be nullified at any time. And besides there is no contract as per now. Therefore there is no one Bitature is going to pay.

He adds that those referring to this case as a saga should know that it isn’t because the case was resolved by court.

Muwema also says that while talking about Vantage, it should be a past tense because it was ruled non existent by Court.

Further, Muwema contends that courts of law can cancel a contract if it’s not complying with the law. Muwema also says that Vantage is not the first company to lose money after failure to comply with the law. This is after calls that his client is morally wrong.

Also Muwema says that “The issue of losing money when you enter into an illegal entity is not new. The consequence of an illegal contract is that you lose.”

He says that people need to be fair to Bitature because he has no one to pay. Unless Vantage starts to exist again, Bitature won’t be paying anyone.

Muwema also blames Vantage of taking advantage of Bitature. This is because it used its position of having money. He referred to this case as a ghost case.

The only solution Muwema gave is to respect and uphold the law. This is because when the law is removed, civility is also removed.

Muwema concluded by saying that Vantage has also been a beneficiary of this case as they won’t make mistakes again.

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