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NUP Omoro County by-election candidate Simon Toolit thanks NRM government

The National Unity Platform candidate for the Omoro By-election Simon Toolit has come out to thank the NRM government ahead of rhe election slated for 26th May 2022.

And no he’s not been bought off or comprised like the previous FDC candidate Owani Dick Denis. Toolit said that its the first time he’s seeing Bobi Wine campaign without being teargassed. This therefore is a great achievement.

Toolit who was appearing on the Debate for the Omoro election downplayed NRM’s flag bearer Andrew Ojok Oulanyah’s leadership capabilities. According to Toolit, they need a mature legislator unlike Andrew who can’t be approached.

This was a shocking submission given the fact that his party president Bobi Wine is way younger than him.

For Andrew Ojok who is the son of the late speaker Hon Jacob Oulanyah whose vacany he’s aiming to fill said that he expected Bobi Wine to support him because he’s been calling upon youths to take up leadership positions.

For those downplaying his leadership abilities because of his age, Andrew said that age is just a number but leadership is about abilities. He cited President Museveni as an example who started leadership at an early age.

In regards to the position not being hereditary, Andrew said that the fact that they are going to people for votes shows that it isn’t otherwise if it was hereditary he would of already assumed it.

This election has 6 candidates in total namely
Odong Justine Obiya – FDC, Terence Odongo – Independent Candidate, Andrew Ojok Oulanyah – NRM, Toolit Simon – NUP, Onen Jimmy – Independent, Kizza Oscar – ANT.

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