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June 13, 2024
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President Museveni’s speeches are just politically motivated- MP Timothy Batuwa

Jinja City Division West MP Hon Timothy Batuwa has come out to brand President Museveni’s speeches as full of empty promises and nothing like actions.

The president yesterday addressed the nation in regards to the soaring prices of commodities. However the MP says that Museveni is a seasoned politician.

He therefore knows what to say and when to say it which calms down the public and takes pressure off the government. However none of these is ever implemented.

He further added that the president’s speech was only aimed at sympathizing with people . This is because it prescribed no tangible solution. Simply he wanted to make it clear to the people that they need to persevere and nothing can be done about the current situation.

The FDC MP further added that the president’s address was aimed to water down Dr Col Kiiza Besigye’s attempts to demonstrate against the staggering economic challenges.

Further the MP also said that people expected reduction in taxes or subsides from the government. This however wasn’t the case as the president said that doing so would be a blunder and suicidal to the economy.

People are therefore set to pay for the economic mistakes of the NRM the MP further added. The President knows what is happening but cannot give solutions now according to the MP.

Basically there is no hope and the budget doesn’t give any either according to Hon Batuwa.

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