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May 27, 2024
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We want want pledges fulfilled – NUP defectors ask Museveni

Defectors from the National Unity Platform (NUP) to NRM ahead of the January 2021 polls have threatened to cross back to their party after a long wait for the promises made to them to be fulfilled but in vain. The defectors who destroyed offices and laptops worth millions in NUP office before defection were allegedly promised scholarship, startup capital, jobs among others.

Before the January 2021 general polls, this group of former NUP supporters stormed the young party’s regional offices in Gulu City – destroying files, the register and computers. They had allegedly been promised millions of shillings and jobs if they defected to the ruling NRM.

Months later, the same youth are still demanding for the fulfillment of the promises made to them.

Bosco Lawino, the leader of the NUP defectors says, “Some of the things they promised to the youth who are willing to go for further studies, there is a sponsorship and those who were not going to go back to school but want to do some business, let them submit what they want to do. It is just matter of categorising and fulfilling.”

Onen Lakony – NUP defector also added his voice, saying they “are tired of this issue of promises that never come to be true.” He adds that “they were requested to make it very clear on what they want to do” but he can not “believe others wanted to make chapati by the road side which was something very easy for this government to to do.”

Bosco Lawino popularly said his team has unsuccessfully tried reaching out to the State House and the NRM offices.

“They were telling me that I had never written a letter to them requesting to meet the president. But I did that. I have a copy and I sent it to them by email.”

In response, Richard Todwong the NRM Secretary General dismissed the group’s claims – saying the ruling party does not owe any NUP defector anything.

“I am not aware that we promised NUP people money. The only thing that the president talked about was the startup capital to organised groups for not only NUP but all other ugandan youths.”

Todwong said the party together with Government will implement programs that will benefit all Ugandans but not a faction of NUP defectors.

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