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June 18, 2024
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Video: Pastor Irene Manjeri makes a mockery of herself on camera

Bethel Healing Ministries lead pastor, Irene Manjeri left social media users laughing and mocking her after a video of her surfaced pretending to be a showy yet spewing disorganized narrations.

Manjeri was in an interview with Spark TV’S Ibrah K Mukasa as she lavished herself about being updated.

The pastor said that one time she went to the US at a time she was stressed up.

Her kids who live there decided to take her to the aquarium where wild animals live.

An aquarium is where sea animals are put for display in either homes or public places and not wild animals.

Further, she said that her kids wanted to give her one of Elon Musk’s Tesla cars to cheer her up and bring back to Uganda.

She said that these kids wanted to give her a Tesla car to bring back to Uganda.

And according to her, a Tesla car, is one that uses fuel and electricity.

When the fuel, runs out, electricity takes over. However, Tesla cars only use electricity.

She said that she would just park her Tesla car at Pride theater and let it look for parking itself.

They decided however not to bring it because of the poor roads in Uganda.

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