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January 31, 2023
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Woman shockingly walks nekkid in Kampala to win a bet (video)

Shock has engulfed people around one of the Kampala roads after a hot middle aged woman walked the streets nekkid.

A video that has been shared on social media shows the woman walking on the road heavily congested with cars and other road users.

She proceeds to wave to people around all who were cheering her on.

Meanwhile her dress is lifted up and her a$$ is all out for everyone to see.

It’s just covered by her small knickers and her breasts are all out without a bra.

Sources say that this woman had a bet placed on her that she couldn’t walk in such a state.

The money placed amounted to about Shs 800,000.

Despite the people on the road cheering her on loudly, those on social media have bashed her for this kind of behavior.

Many stated how she’s degraded her dignity and that of women for just money that is not even worth.

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