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May 19, 2024
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Uncle Dynamite who was filmed dancing with a man woman speaks out

Social media has been awash with a video of a man disguising as a woman in the past few days.

This man was nabbed redhanded and taken to Police where he was undressed only to find that he had male genitals.

All this happened after Police was tipped off that she was disguising as a woman and yet she’s a man. 

This man woman had fleeced many men of their monies as they thought he was a woman.

The Police also couldn’t believe it on glancing on her and had to undress her to find out the true gender which was male.

There and then another video started circulating showing Uncle Dynamite Kanyike dancing with a woman who resembled this man woman.

He was holding her so tight bumping and grinding onto her.

News started circulating on how Kanyike was a victim of this man woman and how he had been fleeced.

Uncle Dynamite has however now threatened to sue all those that spread this fake rumor against him. 

This is because he wasn’t dancing with this man woman but rather a female friend of his known as Julie who he clearly knows very well.

This is therefore a campaign against him to tarnish his name and he’s going to take action. 

“I saw that video of a man disguising to be a woman and was equally shocked. I was with a friend of mine known as Julie having a good time at Cayenne bar. For us we are people who love eating our money peacefully and I won’t allow this campaign to tarnish my name go ahead. Even Julie called me showing me this video shocked. The law will have to take it’s course,” Uncle Dynamite Kanyike said.

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