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May 19, 2024
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Video: Ugandans shocked as Fred Enanga delares new disease ‘Ebola-19’

Ugandans have been left shocked after Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga declared a new unheard of disease, Ebola 19.

While holding a press briefing, the Police Spokesperson said that people should adhere to the SOPS in place.

Enanga then dropped the shocker after saying that these are meant to prevent Ebola 19.

“We urge the people to follow the lockdown restrictions and comply fully to help in the fight against Ebola 19,” Enanga said.

It seems like the Police Spokesperson’s minds got stuck in COVID-19.

However, Ugandans think that its because he’s become so accustomed to lying and now it’s part of him as he does it unnecessarily.

“Have you ever asked your self where the weed confiscated by police is taken,” a social media user said implying that the police Spokesperson was high off something.

“Even Ebola is confused now , yes it’s a dangerous disease but it’s like ishiii uganda kaaaniilaayii,” another said.

“That’s what happens omuntu bwe yemanyiza okulimba………alimba newatetagisa,” another said that these are the results of lying a lot as you end up lying even unnecessarily.

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