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June 13, 2024
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All you release is noise- President Museveni disses Ugandan musicians as he launches music album

What is music without beef? And guess who seems to be igniting the new beef in the country, its none other than the fountain of Honor, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Taking to his social media pages, President Museveni aimed a jab at some of the current musicians.

This was during the launch of a 16 song album put together by his daughter Natasha Karugire and an aide of hers known as Ataho.

This album is known as Omufunga Eizoba and is a traditional music album.

The album is a manifestation of the rich music, dances, literature and songs which should be preserved to befit future generations.

Apparently the album was composed many years ago but remained undeveloped due to the unsettled colonial times.

However, a certain young woman known as Maaga resurrected some of the songs which Museveni and some of his comrades enjoyed in the bush war days.

It was then that Museveni released a bullet towards some of the current musicians who he said release absolute noise amd call it music.

These songs according to the President have excellent content that deals with the social and political aspects of life.

It was from some of these songs that he got vocabulary terms used in creating his Runyakitara dictionary known as Katondozi.

He then challenged all Ugandans to use their rich cultural heritage to advance and emancipate themselves from mental slavery.

“The content is excellent ―dealings with contemporary social or political issues. The language is so rich. I used the songs to get vocabulary to enrich our Katondoozi. I thank Natasha, Ataho and the musicians for this contribution to the saving of our heritage and our identity.

I also challenge Ugandans to use their rich cultural heritage and reject the pathetic Phenomenon of self-hatred that Africans, especially women, developed on account of the inferiority complex created by the colonial trauma.”

“Many of these songs inform us of the elements of beauty that is appreciated by the Banyankore. You heard of Ngaanzi, the beautiful light-skinned woman. However, in the hierarchy of beauty, it was Mbiindi or Nkyerengye, dark-skinned women, that were appreciated even more.

That appreciation of dark-skinned women was both aesthetic and also scientific. It is therefore psychological sickness to resent the dark colour which is very much treasured by the indigenous Banyankore-Bahororo.”

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