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December 4, 2022
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Video: Witchcraft- Man who stole a cow moos like it

For a long time, we have certainly heard about people being turned into all weird and sorts of things by other people.

Often times we hear of traditional spiritual healers who can cast doom on culprits if a victim approaches them.

There have been stories of people being turned into snakes, being stung by bees and all the crazy things you could imagine of.

Most people who have never seen such end up summing it as fallacy and nonsense because its not possible in anyway.

Residents in a certain community in Uganda were treated free drama when a man who was arrested started mooing like a cow.

Its reported that this man had stolen someone’s cow and this victim of cattle theft was not one to mess with.

He sent spiritual powers which engulfed this thief and made him to behave like a cow.

The said thief can be seen chewing cud like a cow and then mooing too.

Police tried to ask for the ‘mulogo’ but he wasn’t available by the time of news reporting.

A number of people have come out to react to this incident with some saying he deserved it while others said that it was harsh.

Some asked if this magic can work on the heavily corrupt officials in government service.

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