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July 17, 2024
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Don’t talk about Mao if you did not vote him – Gashumba defends Minister

Political analyst Frank Gashumba has come to the defense of DP president Norbert Mao. According to Gashumba anyone who didn’t vote Mao in the general election that he contested for has no right to bash or criticize him for the recent decision to join forces with the leading NRM Government as the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Gashumba further said that all those who have never contributed to the activities of DP also have no right to comment about the current occurrences in the party.

He concluded by saying that all those who have never participated in a cause also don’t have to speak about Mao and his move to collaborate with NRM.

Meanwhile Mao told those people who are saying that he is untrustworthy to ask President Museveni. To Mao the only way to know if Museveni is trustworthy is by trusting him. The same should therefore be done for Mao.

The DP president also added that they have put their trust in Museveni and its up to him to betray them. The same goes for Museveni.

Further, Mao said that if it was about money as its alleged, he could have joined the government a year ago. Mao highlighted the issues he wants to address as the new minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

These include election malpractice and the long stay in power will be another topic to address.

“If this was about “eating,” I would have gone into this agreement a year ago. If you really love “food” so much, why would you lose one year’s salary?

The issue of election fraud and rigging is a very hot issue. As well as the credibility of elections.
As Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, I will be able to talk about how to make our elections free, fair, peaceful, and credible.

My second reform would be to cure the disease of “stayism,” clinging to office. There is already a broad consensus that we need to restore term limits.”

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