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Ugandan Nkuba kyeyo cries out after cucumber made private parts to rot

Please be wary of the things you do or use on your body because they might prove catastrophic to you later ahead despite the pleasure you derive from them.

A video and audio clips of a Ugandan ‘kadama/nkuba kyeyo’ working in Saudi Arabia has been making rounds on social media.

She can be heard crying in agony as she reveals that she doesn’t know what to do after what befell her private parts.

These can be seen rotting away with maggots running up and down inside them.

In these clips, she was narrating her sad ordeal to a friend of hers known as Deborah.

She says that she wishes she had stopped when Deborah told her to stop using cucumbers to derive sexual satisfaction.

It was however too sweet and pleasurable for her to stop.

Apparently now, she doesn’t know what to tell her family. All she does is say that a medical tube she applied there is all that got to her to this unfortunate incident.

It all started when a piece broke off the cucumber and got stuck inside her.

This started rotting away and slowly infected her genitalia and rotting jumped in.

She went ahead to reveal how her boss has gotten her a ticket to return home but she’s so scared and doesn’t know whether she will survive this.

Such cases of girls using different objects which seem awkward have been making rounds on social media and publicly.

This is not only among girls who flock the middle East for work but across the world.

Due to the strict rules, scarcity of men (black men), racial segregation and other factors, these girls usually find nobody to fulfill their sexual desires .

The only thing they are left with is to satisfy themselves with whatever they can come across.

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