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Reason why Catherine Kusasira’s house is on the verge of being seized by bank

The past few days have seen local singer Catherine Kusasira in the news lamenting about how her house in Makindye is on the verge of being seized by the bank.

She cried about how President Museveni no longer picks her phone calls.

While appearing on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya program, the singer revealed how she got embroiled in all this mess.

Kusasira said that she contracted a bank loan and put her house as collateral security.

She then used the money to beef up her car business.

However, it has failed to take off as people don’t want to buy from her because of her affiliation to the NRM.

“I used my house as collateral security to get a bank loan to develop my business which did not work out well. People reject buying from my business cars because they disagree with the political party I support,” said Kusasira.

She also further said that she has not been receiving her salary as a presidential advisor.

This is because she didn’t possess the necessary academic qualifications.

It’s the reason she has gone back to school to further her studies after being advised to do so by her husband. Fred Sseruga.

It should be recalled that Kusasira was one of the NRM supporters in the past election period who possessed lots of hard cash.

She would go around bragging about how supporting the NRM means swimming in money before telling people to pay allegiance to the ruling party until the government of their choice takes over.

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