Hudu Hussein, the Kampala Resident City Commissioner (RCC), has eaten his own vomit after gaving preachers 30 days to leave Kampala stree" />

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July 18, 2024
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“I can’t start war with God”- Hudu Hussein eats own vomit after threatening street preachers

Hudu Hussein, the Kampala Resident City Commissioner (RCC), has eaten his own vomit after gaving preachers 30 days to leave Kampala streets.

Hudu was cited earlier this week as saying that street preachers had been given 30 days to evacuate the streets or face being forced to do so in order to clean up the city.

“Our good pastors, we love you so much but I am giving you an amnesty of 30 days so that you evacuate the streets, we want a more serious city.All pastors, vendors, children beggars among other disorganised groups should leave the City,” Hussein is quoted to have said during a press conference at the Uganda Media Centre.

The Kampala RCC, on the other hand, issued a statement on Saturday denying the accusations, claiming that he has no right to wage war against God.

“I would rather deal with those other challenges Kampala is facing than daring to limit the rights of those serving their God. Honestly, who am I to make war with God,” he said in a statement.

The Kampala RCC insisted that the statements attributed to him are not correct.

“My President is a very religious and God-fearing man, and he is my inspiration. I cannot do something that he himself cannot do. I emphasize that I cannot and did not say anything about chasing street preachers. I referred to street children, among other issues.”

While man cannot wage war against God, the RCC believes that there is a need to investigate the matter of unregulated street preachers.

“For example, some go straight to people in their vehicles, either insult them or even grab them. Others erect loud speakers where their voice would be enough. I know that some street preachers go overboard not because of the content of what they preach but because of the way they do it. So, much as the preaching should go on, there’s need for the leaders of the street preachers to look into those issues I have mentioned.”

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