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Did President Museveni’s Daughter’s Marriage Fail? What could be the cause- Details here

Yesterday 20th October 2022 news spread like wild fire about how President Museveni’s youngest daughter Diana Museveni Kamuntu was seeking to amend her name.

In a notice dated 29th September to the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA), Diana made her intention known of dropping the name Kamuntu.

She wanted to replace it with Kyaremera as soon as possible.

“I intend to formally and absolutely renounce and abandon the use of the name Kamuntu and assume and adopt in place of that name the name of Kyaremera,” a notice issued by Diana read.

There and then speculation started spreading like wild fire about how she had irreparable differences with her husband Geoffrey Kamuntu and the two are on the verge of divorce.

It’s said that the Kamuntu’s have been having several disagreements.

Besides, they have been living separate lives for some time now.

Despite efforts from families of both sides to try and repair the damage, nothing has paid off.

It’s for this reason that the 42 year old Diana has decided to throw in the towel in her marriage and lead an independent lifestyle devoid of her husband.

The couple have lasted over 18 years in marriage having walked down the aisle in 2004.

They already have three children together, a boy and two girls.

Diana who is the less known amongst the children of President Museveni keeps a low profile from the camera.

She enjoys reading the Bible and it’s the model on which her life walks.

Speaking to a local magazine some time back, she revealed how she met Geoffrey at her sister, Natasha’s house.

He was a close friend to Edwin Karugire, Natasha’s husband.

The two became friends and soon fell in love.
She added that she was attracted to him because of his good looks and height.

Meanwhile Kyaremera is her great grandmother’s name. It’s also the one she was given during her baptism.

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