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Video: We wanted our prophet to cane us- Police shocked with Hoima pastor’s flocks

Police has been left shocked and bewildered with the followers of a self styled man of God, prophet Denis Kintu.

Kintu has been trending allover social media after a video of him surfaced caning his followers.

Grown up men and women were seen being beaten seriously as this pastor looked for the un-caned ones from the crowd.

Those who didn’t come forward to receive their strokes were threatened to be banished from this church, Empowerment City Church.

Following public outburst, Kintu was arrested with 10 others from his church.

These included ushers, the camera man and Kintu’s next hand man as confirmed by ASP Julius Hakiza the spokesperson of Police in the Albertine Regional.

Consequently, Kintu was charged with 18 counts relating to human trafficking, promoting sectarianism and assault.

These cases are currently being handled by the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID).

“Pastor Kintu Denis who recently appeared in a viral media clip beating believers with a “magic blessed stick”in his church in Hoima, has been arrested and charged with 18 counts of trafficking in Persons, Assault, and Promoting Sectarianism,” the office of the CID revealed.

However, what shocked the Police is the witnesses they brought in to record statements.

These included the men and women that were recorded being flogged by the ‘pastor.’

According to a police source, Kintu is said to have briefed them on what to say when being interrogated by Police.

And this was that it was their choice to be caned with Kintu’s magic stick.

However, Police has said that it will move ahead in prosecuting Kintu because what he did is against the Ugandan laws despite the consent of the ‘victims.’

“It seems they were briefed by Kintu before we brought them here to make statements. All of them are saying that it was their choice of wanting to be caned. However, even if it’s their right, it still breaches the laws of Uganda and they shall answer to these charges,” a source in the office of the CID said.

Such dubious and controversial pastors are on the rise both in Uganda, Africa and the world at large.

Despite several outcries from the public, these men and women of ‘God’ have continued to exhibit and flaunt their alarming actions publicly without any action being taken against them.

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