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Doreen Nyanjura sheds light on her failed private relationships

Doreen Nyanjura is not a new name when it comes to the political terrain of the country especially in the capital city Kampala.

She’s the Deputy lord mayor and a high ranking Cadre in the Opposition political party, FDC. Aside from her politcal lifestyle, Nyanjura is an absolute beauty who almost every man would love to have because of her amazing looks plus her intelligence. Right description of beauty with brains.

However, despite her gorgeous looks and glittering political career, Doreen has largely been known to be single.

She’s now come out to reveal why she’s largely single. Doreen says that most of her partners have always desired for her to drop her politcal career for a family life and probably marriage.

This however is not the life she desires to live. On three occasions, Nyanjura has been put to the test by her boyfriends. She’s had to choose a fairy tale relationship and the political struggle. And on both occasions, the struggle has always been prioritized by her. These boyfriends told her how they couldn’t tolerate watching her being tossed into the coolers like a thug.

Furthermore, Nyanjura said that such occurrences don’t happen to her alone but lots of women there. These are forced to choose between personal lifestyles centering on marriage and their careers.

And faced with tough conditions, they always choose the family life over the careers. But in the end, they lose both.

She recalled an incident where one of her exes told her that she was into activism to please people yet she had a life to live of her own. Nyanjura called upon men to always respect the decisions taken by women concerning their lives.

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