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June 18, 2024
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Ofwono Opondo loses control in studio, threatens to shoot Erias Lukwago

It was a mess last night during the NBS Frontline program after NRM spokesperson Ofwono Opondo lost control and threatened to beat up and shoot the Kampala lord mayor Erias Lukwago.

The scuffle arose after Lukwago mocked NRM’s win in the Soroti East By-election. This election that was marred by lots of irregularities saw NRM’s Herbert Ariko declared the winner.

Lukwago therefore said that he country is truly sitting on a time bomb. People are tired of such elections based on thuggery taking place.

Further he added how he expected the Electoral Commission chairman Justice Simon Byabakama to call it off after the irregularities he had noticed.

“We are sitting on a time bomb in this country. People are tired of this kind of election. It’s high time we came to a consensus that we boycott these elections.

I expected Justice Byabakama (Electoral Commission Chairperson) to call off the election after all the thuggery he witnessed,” said Lukwago.

Opondo hit back by bringing up a scenario of where FDC flagbearer Moses Attan kicked the ballot boxes and assaulted someone. However, this wasn’t being pointed out by the media.

As the two further argued, Lukwago criticized the NRM ferociously which angered Opondo who ordered him to shut up. Lukwago hesitated forcing Opondo to get up from his chair and advance towards him whilst threatening to beat him up.

The program was suspended for about 20 minutes and returned with Lukwago offset. Door bangs were then heard in the background and the program came to a close.

NBS came out to issue a statement condemning this behavior whilst apologizing to their viewers.

Lukwago also came out to reveal how security forces were camping outside the TV station premises to arrest him. He added that what had happened is despicable amd should be condemned in the highest possible way.

Ex FDC leader Dr Col Kiiza Besigye through his Twitter page also gave an account of what had happened. Besigye said that it’s absurd that NBS cannot secure the safety of their guests.

He added that the station should be held accountable for whatever Ofwono Opondo made Lukwago go through. The ex presidential candidate added that he hopes the station will release the full footage of Ofwono Opondo’s despicable behavior.

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