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May 19, 2024
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He’s a sellout- Nobert Mao accused of selling off DP to Museveni after signing partnership

For a long time, DP president Nobert Mao has been accused of being a mole in the opposition. He’s been accused severally of working with the current regime disguising as an opposition figure.

And to some, this argument got to a conclusion yesterday after he signed a partnership with Mr Museveni, the president of Uganda and leader of the NRM.

While addressing Museveni during this meeting, Mao saluted the courage and bravery taken by the President towards such a step. He also added that he was doing this for the better of the country especially the generations to come.

Mao further tasked Museveni to look out for all the patriots countrywide and work with them for the better of this country.

“This is a continuation of the journey that started even before some of us were born. Your excellency, you now have the historical opportunity to gather patriots that are scattered all over Uganda. You must look for them wherever they are because they are in all corners of Uganda. These are things I believe will be enjoyed most by unborn children,” said Mao.

The President also appreciated Mao for the gesture of mature, foresighted and constructive politics.

This is however not a step that has been largely embraced in the opposition and other Ugandans. Many have said that its true indeed Mao was all along wearing green outside, the official color of DP, yet he’s yellow inside, the color of the NRM.

The likes of Dr Kiiza Besigye, NUP spokesperson and secretary General Hon Joel Ssenyonyi and David Lewis Rubongoya respectively have all addressed the developer.

Below are some of these leaders opinions about Mao’s alleged crossover to the NRM:

A number of DP diehards have also come out to express their utter shock on this development. Some however are glad that they left the party before Mao ‘sold’ it to Museveni.

Mao however reiterated that DP is still standing firm amd this agreement doesn’t put it under NRM. It’s only that someone needed to stand up to the boiling pot of violence amd chaos looming around thus deciding to be the hero for the day.

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