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How 1Stream’s Speech Analytics Solution Improves Customer Engagement

Our leading-edge Speech Analytics solution is custom-made for the South African market and can help transform your contact centre performance, taking your customer experience to the next level.

Your contact centre is one of your company’s most valuable touch points when it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience. With rapid advances in technology, the days of trawling through calls and trying to extract insights by randomly analysing a small percentage are long gone. Now, using Artificial Intelligence, Speech Analytics tools provide valuable insights – scanning every incoming and outgoing contact centre call – and are empowering contact centre managers and agents to spot problem areas, address issues as they arise and adapt their approach.

Every conversation with a customer provides a goldmine of valuable insights, and 1Stream’s Speech Analytics solution gives you an easy way to utilise these insights to positively impact service levels and your customers’ experience. Importantly, by using these insights to anticipate and address customers’ needs and issues, our Speech Analytics solution helps you to build customer loyalty, reduce churn and ultimately improve your company’s bottom line.

Speech Analytics software automatically analyses calls, picking up key words and phrases, long pauses or conflict. 1Stream has taken this AI-enhanced solution one-step further by providing a Speech Analytics tool specifically for the South African market. This local solution not only offers improved SA-focused speech analytics, but it also means that other barriers to entry – most notably the price point – have been significantly reduced.

Here are three ways 1Stream’s Speech Analytics can help improve your contact centre CX and reduce churn:

1.      Automate the Quality Assurance (QA) process

A robust quality assurance process is essential to delivering excellent customer service. 1Stream’s Speech Analytics tool enables you to automatically analyse, QA and score 100% of calls. It provides accurate insights into how your Quality Assurance team can improve your customers’ overall experience and service delivery when they engage with your organisation. Because the process is automated, insights can be gained almost immediately, ensuring a rapid response time.

2.       Improve agent coaching

By scanning each and every agent’s call, our Speech Analytics tool can help you identify problem areas and provide targeted training for individuals or groups to address specific issues. Only properly trained agents can deliver quality service, and 1Stream enables you to fine-tune training to address issues as they arise, improving call centre morale and ultimately impacting CX.

3.       Check compliance

1Stream’s Speech Analytics technology will help ensure that all call centre agents adhere to security and compliance measures. With the correct key-word searches in place, speech analytics will enable you to automatically identify, review and address instances that deviate from your compliancy policies.

Your contact centre agents are on the front line of delivering an excellent customer service, and through utilising the right tools, you can empower them to be your most valuable brand ambassadors. 1Stream’s Speech Analytics solution will provide your company with a complete overview of contact centre performance, enabling you to fine-tune scripts, processes or agent training to address potential client trouble areas, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as enable your contact centre to deliver a positive customer experience.

To find out more visit www.1stream.co.za

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