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June 23, 2024
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Hon Mathias Mpuuga Applauds Dr Kiiza Besigye’s Protests

Despite the National Unity Platform’s reluctance to involve itself in former FDC president Dr Kiiza Besigye’s protests against the skyrocketing commodity prices, they have come out to theoretically applaud him.

While appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze program, the NUP Leader of Opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga hailed Besigye’s protests. Mpuuga said that what KB did is absolutely right.

What’s however worrying is that the people he was fighting for watched him being hounded up helplessly. He further said that people need to gather their courage and fight for their rights.

“What Dr. Kizza Besigye is doing is absolutely right. Those complaining about the situation watched him from their verandas, smiling and clapping.

Every citizen must be involved. You get the feeling that these suffering citizens have not yet summoned their last courage,” Mpuuga said.

Beisgye was a few days ago sent behind bars at Luzira prison after being arrested in the city centre. He was accused of holding illegal protests and inciting of violence. He only got released this week after the High court overturned a ruling that required him to pay Shs 30m to be granted bail. He was told to pay Shs 3m which he did and got released.

Meanwhile Mpuuga also addressed the Vinci coffee deal that was on the lips of everyone a few months ago. This was due to its controversial and seemingly unfair terms and conditions.

However during the state of the nation address, President Museveni came out to defend this deal once again.

He said that it was a good deal and all those criticizing it are only against the sector and country’s development. Museveni pledged to sit with the stakeholders and hear them out.

According to Mpuuga, the President just confirmed that the Vinci company was just a disguise. This is because the deal is his (Museveni’s).

“I was not surprised about the President’s remarks on the Vinci Coffee Agreement. From the start, we knew that it was a ‘Ugandan Vinci’ behind that it. The President was just letting the cat out of the bag. He was literally saying, “This is my deal, but it went bad. I want to clean it up”. Mpuuga said.

Furthermore, Mpuuga revealed that the only difference of this year’s state of the Nation address from the rest is the president seemed angry with himself. According to the LOP, Museveni accused the people around him of corruption excusing himself.

Mpuuga also advised the President to fire the person who advised him that Uganda has achieved middle income status. This is because Uganda is short of the worldwide standards used to determine the status of a country.

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