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Miria Matembe reveals why she belongs to no political party

Vocal government critic Miria Matembe has revealed why she has no political party that she aligns to. With her expertise and experience, one would have thought that the former Mbarara district MP would be one of the top bigwigs in a certain political party.

However, while appearing on the NBS Morning Breeze, Hon Matembe revealed that the reason she belongs to no political party is because of the betrayal she received from President Museveni.

Matembe said that this betrayal couldn’t allow her to trust any other leader. She however said that she knows of one leader who would set Uganda on the right track but refused to mention him.

Matembe further said that the only weakness in Ugandan opposition is fighting each other. This is one thing they ought to eradicate amongst themselves.

The ex Ethics Minister also cited how no President had ever ruled Uganda for more than 9 years. However, after Museveni ‘deceiving’ Ugandans about fundamental change, he’s so far ruled for 36 years.
The fundamental change therefore is to rule the country forever.

She also said that the fundamental change Museveni brought is an evil one. For them they had thought that the change would be one of changing power through constitutional means. The change however is for him to never lose power.

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