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Uganda aims at making own aeroplanes- says Museveni

President Museveni yesterday 22nd May 2022 while delivering a national address about the increased prices of commodities said that Uganda might start looking at manufacturing own planes.

Museveni said that Uganda is manufacturing all the commodities it needs. And therefore it would be suicidal to abandon the long term projects because of the small economic harships.hardships.

Museveni reiterated that scientists have started getting paid well and this had led to an economic transformation of the country.

“It’s a mistake to abandon our long time development programs by being diverted by these small economic challenges.

We have most of the things we need; surplus electricity and good infrastructure, and we are beginning to pay our scientists well. With our scientists, we are making everything apart from aeroplanes.”

In regards to the fuel crisis, Museveni said that the prices were going higher even before the Ukrainian-Russian crisis. This was due to the new clean energy movement. The crisis in the Balkan states only escalated the matter.

“The price of fuel was going up even before the war in Ukraine because of the new clean energies movement, yet these would take time to be available. The Russia-Ukraine war has made this worse.

Further he said that availing cheaper fuel in Uganda would encroach on the country’s fuel reserves. Besides the removal of taxes would cause a loss to the government and this is a big blunder that can’t be done.

According to the president, people always think of government bailing them out whenever faced with such economic challenges. However what they don’t put into context is that if not handled well, the proces of commodities can crash the entire economy and if handled well can be an advantage.

Therefore the only solution to this challenge is increased production. This will deal with the shortages. Further the president blamed COVID-19 as a cause of the shortages, he said that supply can no longer match the demand after the full reopening of the global economy.

He also reiterated his earlier idea of improvising to substitute the high commodities with the available local ones.

The president also prescribed to develop capacity. This will help to fill these gaps.

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