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December 4, 2022
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Shocking video shows UPDF’s Red top soldiers pull out guns on civilians

We have always been told how one of the first lessons taught to security personnel is never to draw out their guns in public and against civilians despite the provocation.

However, in Uganda it seems these learnt the lessons in an inverted manner. On top of provoking the citizens, these soldiers go ahead to pull out their weapons and threaten civilians.

These cases of impunity aren’t new and don’t seem like they are slowing down. Unfortunately the UPDF’s top hierarchy don’t seem like they are ready to do enough to force their hand onto these soldiers who are tarnishing the Force’s image.

Such was the case in a video uploaded on the different social media timelines. An altercation is seen happening with two soldiers, their boss and civilians. They even draw out their guns and threaten those who were recording them.

A woman recording the video is heard questioning whether this is what government teaches them to do. She goes ahead to tell them how its such as them that have made the government to be hated by masses because of their impunity.

According to this woman, it was these soldiers in the wrong as they attempted to knock them off the road. However when they tried to caution these soldiers, they instead pulled out their guns.

Below is the video.

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