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Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba comes out in defense of Andrew Mwenda amidst Sheebah’s sexual harassment allegations

The Commander of the Land Forces Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has come out ‘to pour there his body’ for close friend Andrew Mwenda amidst singer Sheebah’s sexual allegations.

The singer a few days ago in a social media video said that she was sexaully harassed by someone who is a top figure in the country. According to Sheebah, this person was assisted by his SFC guards to do this shameless act.

Among the people, social media started accusing was the journalist, Andrew Mwenda. Many people speculated that Mwenda had done these bad manners to Sheebah during the MK birthday celebrations where she might have performed.

Mwenda has however now come out to clear the air on these allegations that found his name in the mix. The Independent magazine CEO said that if the singer was sexually harassed, then the offender should be apprehended and punished

Further a concerned Mwenda said that he had talked to the CID director who agreed to open up a case file in regards to Sheebah’s debacle. Therefore Police will call the self styled queen karma to give a statement. Mwenda also said that she was being dishonest by hiding the rapist’s name.

Mwenda also concluded by saying that he had talked to the Commander of the Land Forces Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to accord Sheebah the necessary security if she’s afraid of exposing this culprit.

Muhoozi also added his voice to the whole scenario by saying that he had thoroughly interrogated Andrew Mwenda. The journalist deiend having ever met Sheebah personally.

Therefore this is another fake story according to Muhoozi.

Besides Sheebah also wasn’t listed amongst the lineup of performers on the last Muhooz birthday bash and its the weekend she alleges to have been touched inappropriately. This is the party that Mwenda attended.

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