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June 23, 2024
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President Museveni follows in Marie Antoinette’s footsteps as he tells Ugandans to eat Cassava instead of bread

Every student who studied European history knows that one of the major causes of the 1789 French revolution was the arrogance of King Louis XVI’s wife Marie Antoinette.

At a time when people were going through lots of hardships to even afford the basic staple food, bread, she told them to eat cakes instead which were expensive than the bread they couldn’t afford.

Well while commemorating Labor day yesterday 1st May 2022 at KololoIndependenceGrounds, President Museveni told Ugandans to stop stressing themselves with things they can’t afford.

Museveni said that if one can’t afford bread, they should instead eat cassava. This is after prices of different commodities skyrocketing over the last few months.

And with Ugandans waiting on the government to bail them out from this crisis, the President revealed that he won’t do anything as this is a result of COVID-19.

“If there is no bread eat mwogo (cassava). Africans really confuse themselves. You’re complaining that there’s no bread or wheat, please eat mwogo.  I don’t eat bread myself,” Mr Museveni said.

The IMF a few days ago warned how the Russian-Ukranian crisis is going to cause social unrest in Africa. The rising food prices and other essentials have therefore been blamed on this war.

However, Museveni said that he is not worried by such a crisis which is man made and they are doing all they can to see that it’s calmed down.

“The issue of skyrocketing commodity prices like petrol, fertilizers, among other essential commodities, are man-made by our friends in Europe. We are trying to talk to them quietly. I’m not worried. We shall find solutions. We are quietly talking to Western Europe and Russia. We shall brief you (Ugandans) about what we are doing at the right time,” he said.

Museveni also talked about the controversial Coffee Agreement that government signed with the Vinci company. The president said that whereas Ugandans want local investors to prosper in case they are there, they shouldn’t discourage those from outside the country.

“I want to advise Ugandans that you can encourage the indigenous investors if they are there but do not show lack of enthusiasm for our investors from outside. No one can beat me in Africanism, but I welcome all investors,” he further said.

Furthermore, he also expressed delight on how people had developed interest in this deal by saying that “I am even glad that people are putting their views in writing. They are attacking the coffee deal that it is bad. We are going to study you now that you have put your thoughts in black and white,” he added

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