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Museveni lifts curfew restrictions on boda bodas

The president of the republic of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni has directed that all curfew restrictions against boda bodas be removed with effect from Monday 7th February 2022.

Museveni while speaking at the 41st Tarehe Sita celebrations in Mbale said that starting on Monday at 6pm, all boda boda riders be allowed to work beyond the previous 6pm, a time they were meant to end their operations.

“I want to announce that starting tomorrow at 6pm, boda boda riders are opened to continue work. From tomorrow, the boda bodas from can work trans night like all the others,” Museveni said.

Following the reopening of the night economy, the president joked that many people have been sleeping at bars because there are no boda bodas to bring them home, but he added that this will be a thing of the past starting tomorrow.

The government explained that prohibiting boda bodas from operating at night was intended to reduce criminality because most criminals use motorcycles as a convenient mode of transportation. However, Museveni said on Sunday that the government will look for other ways to combat criminality besides imposing curfews on boda bodas.

“I know some are thieves and others murderers but we shall see how to deal with them in another way but not closing them. We are to introduce digital monitors in all motorcycles and vehicles at their cost. You have to buy the digital tracking device,” he said.

“We want to end crime using motorcycles and vehicles by introducing digital monitors so that if I am here central command knows who is here. If I try to remove it the central command will see who is trying to remove it. The issue of using vehicles to commit crime using vehicles or motorcycles to cause crime and change plate numbers is finished. It will no longer happen.”

Museveni also noted that within the next six months, the process of installing spy chips in all vehicles and motorcycles will begin.

The development comes on the backdrop of a petition by activists calling for an end to the restrictions on bda bodas.

The E-Trade Association of Uganda, an umbrella organization that converges companies and organizations that use the power of the internet to create jobs in Uganda recently  asked  government to lift the curfew restrictions on boda bodas  so as to enable Ugandans get access to the affordable means of transport .

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