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November 29, 2023
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Amelia Kyambadde blasts Dr Hilderman

Former Mawokota North constituency MP Hon Amelia Kyambadde has revealed how the current MP Hilary Kiyaga aka Dr Hilderman has failed in his capacity.

While appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze, the former Trade Minister said that she tried to reach out to him and assist where necessary.

The singer turned politician however wasn’t responsive since he thinks he knows it all.

“There is someone in the constituency (Mawokota North) now. Unfortunately he hasn’t reached out. I had extended an olive branch to him, but the unfortunate thing is he is not responsive. He thinks he knows it all.”

In regards to her political career, Kyambadde said that she is under a lot of pressure to return to active politics.

She further said that politics is not the only job and she wants to venture into other things as of now.

Furthermore, she revealed how she’s been into hibernation and she’s out of it now.

“I am under a lot of pressure to come back to politics but politics is not the only job, I want to go into enterprenuership and do my PhD as well. I have other aspirations
I have been hibernating, and now I am out of hibernation.”

The Presidential advisor on Indsutry also revealed that politics is a dirty game.

And when she looks in her area, she did all she could and there is nothing more she thinks she can add.

It’s therefore time to let others take the mantle.

The ex minister was one of those surprise MPs that got swept away by the NUP wave in the 2021 General elections after she lost to NUP’s Hilary Kiyaga aka Dr Hilderman.

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