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There is no Parliament in Uganda- Col Dr Kiiza Besigye

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Col Dr Kiiza Besigye has said that there is no opposition in Uganda.

He made these comments as he appeared on the NBS Morning Breeze.

According to Besigye, there is just a ruptured institution called Parliament.

All the other key institutions in the country are captured by Museveni according to Besigye.

These include the Judiciary and the Electoral Commission.

Besigye further said that all the laws that come out of Parliament are not for Ugandans.

They are those of Museveni since he has Musevenized all the institutions in the nation.

“The laws that come out of Parliament will not be our will. They the will of Mr. Museveni. He is Parliament. He is the EC. He is the Bank of Uganda. He is the institutions.”

The four time presidential candidate added that most MPs in Parliament are merchants.

This is because most of them used a lot of money as much as Shs 2b to get into Parliament.

Once there, they therefore have to recover it and also make profits for themselves.

“MPs have used money to get to Parliament because of the commercialization of politics. Some seats in that Parliament cost UGX 2 billion or more. While there, they must recover that UGX 2 billion and also to benefit themselves.”

He however said that there are some defiant MPs who have resisted the junta and are working for the common good of the people.

Despite being few, these are ready to work for the people.

Besigye a former 1986 bush war hero also said that the country is ripe for change.

And as opposition, they are organizing. He concluded by saying that what was lacking for the leadership was to have a common approach to move with the population but he sees this happening in the foreseeable future.

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