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June 18, 2024
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Sarah Opendi criticizes indecent musicians performing in schools

Hon Sarah Achieng Opendi the woman MP of Tororo District has come out to criticize the indecent dressing of several musicians who have been performing in schools. The MP said that vidoes have been making rounds on social media showing these artists dressed indecently and performing seductive dances amongst these minors.

This is despite the Ugandan constitution calling for learning institutions to impart values of ethics and morality into Ugandans.

Further, the MP also cited the recent Makerere University graduation where graduands were almost naked. Therefore Opendi wants these musicians to have a bare minimum of dress code set up for them going to perform in schools.

She therefore urged parents to raise their children when they respect their bodies and themselves. The MP also tasked the Ministry of Education to put up strict laws in regards to the dress code of learners citing an example of Uganda Christian University in Mukono.

“Uganda is a religious country where the constitution is followed. Following the enactment of the 1995 constitution, the government put in place, learning institutions are supposed to ensure that we all maintain ethical values but also that Ugandans are brought up with good morals.”

“However, in the last week, we have seen on social media concerts in schools with musicians dancing in very obscene and seductive ways and our students join in. To me as a mother, this is unacceptable because there are ways in which even musicians should dress when going to these schools. Some of these musicians were almost naked. We even saw during the last graduation at Makerere University, students dressed almost naked in graduation gowns. Most of you saw this.”

“We therefore need to bring up our children with good morals when they can respect themselves and their bodies. I want to request the Ministry of Education to put up stricter guidelines on drsscodes on how students are not supposed to be dressed. Why can’t we have the dress code of UCU in other schools,” said Hon Sarah Opendi.

A recent video of Sheebah performing at Seeta High School in Mukono left an uproar in people. She was dorning a mini short skimpy dress dancing in seductive ways yet School authorities did nothing to stop her performance.

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