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March 5, 2024
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Political analyst Charles Rwomushana reveals Uganda will be ruled by Muhoozi’s son too

Well if you were there in the comfort of your home thinking that the struggle will soon end, it seems like its not about to end and the Museveni family is bound to ‘dynasty-lize’ the country.

This is ateast according to political Charles Rwomushana. While appearing on NBS TV’S Barometer show, Rwomushana revealed that all the names of the Museveni family have a significant meaning.

Muhoozi is an avenger while his son Ruhamya who is soon joining University means to hold tight.

“Gen. Muhoozi is a construct. He was built as an avenger. There is someone else we don’t see, Ruhamywa, Muhoozi’s son. Ruhamywa means to hold tight. He is soon joining university,” Rwomushana said.

Rwomushana further said that Uganda is nolonger ruled by the bush war fighters dubbed the NRM high command but rather the Museveni high command together with his family.

“This country is no longer under the NRA high command but the Mr. Museveni high command family consensus. Uganda is now property to the deep state and the extended family of Museveni,” he added.

Its now crystal clear that Muhoozi will be running for the presidency very soon and according to some sources surrounding him, it could be as early as 2026.

If President Museveni will have hanged up his boots or if the two will clash off against each other, it’s not year clear but we shall have to just watch the clock and how events unfold.

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