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May 26, 2024
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Bobi Wine attacks journalists that don’t agree with him

The National Unity Platform has constantly been accused of vilifying people that don’t seem to agree with it. These have constantly been attacked via social media and other news channels with insults, malice, blackmail and slander.

This is something that Bobi Wine and his fans have been on countless times been told to address.

The former Kyadondo east legislator has also on numerous times been told to calm down his supporters but to no avail .

Bobi Wine himself through his Twitter page has supposedly showed that he has no interest in calming these down for their actions against those that don’t seem to agree with him.

The self styled ghetto gladiator said that historically every despotic regime has always had apologists that are always ready to smear it with a good image.

And these appear in form of journalists, intellectuals, artists among others. Sadly for these, they never seem to learn from history according to Bobi Wine.

It seems that one should either be for Bobi Wine and nothing else. Short of this, then you are clarified as an enemy by both the party’s administration and its supporters.

Freedom of speech and expression is one of the attributes Bobi Wine and his affiliates have been claiming to fight for as they claim that the current regime has washed it away.

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