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Late Hon Javob Oulanyah’s father allegedly rejects Bobi Wine’s condolences

It has been reported that the father to the late Speaker of Parliament Hon Jacob Oulanyah, Mr Nathan Okori allegedly rejected Bobi Wine’s condolences.

The NUP president failed to attend the burial after he was in Geneva, Switzerland for the 2022 Geneva Summit on human rights.

On reaching the country, Bobi Wine decided to camp in Gulu and later went to Omoro where he laid a wreath on the deceased’s burial grounds.

Bobi Wine then went to visit the family of the late speaker where he met Oulanyah’s father. Its said that the NUP president offered 200,000 shillings as condolences and a ‘tiny goat.’

What’s shocking is that the condolences were allegedly mobilized right in front of the late Speaker’s father a thing that many found so disrespectful and showed disorganization on Bobi Wine’s contingency.

It should be recalled that Bobi Wine a few weeks ago seemed to endorse the protests of NUP affiliates in Seattle where Oulanyah was being hospitalized.

This is a move that angered many of his critics and had some blood boiling amongst different people of different levels.

There was fear of clashes in Omoro between the Acholi people and NUP supporters and leaders over the death of Oulanyah. Bobi Wine continued to air some seemingly not so good remarks about Oulanyah’s situation especially the huge monies spent on him to get treatment and the burial.

Meanwhile NBS journalist Daniel Lutaaya who broke the story got attacked by NUP social media armies. These couldn’t believe that their principal could be rejected by the old man in Omoro.

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