Cases of Police brutality during the second lockdown seem to have gone down compared to the first. The Kampala Resident City Commissioner" />

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July 18, 2024
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Police has performed better during this lock down – Hud Hussein

Cases of Police brutality during the second lockdown seem to have gone down compared to the first. The Kampala Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Hud Hussein says police and other sister agencies have acted more professionally even though people have continued to flout the covid-19 standard operating procedures.

Uganda has for long been in the headlines for Police brutality meted on citizens, based on the cases registered in the first phase of the covid-19 lockdown in 2020.

The reported human rights violations put security organs on the spot. But during the 42 days lockdown, the situation seems to have changed. The Kampala RCC, Hood Hussein hails security organs for the professionalism exhibited.

He says going by reports, security organs have performed at above 80%;

“Going by the reports, security organs have performed at 85%.”

However, he is aware that some officers have behaved contrary to the directives.

“We don’t miss the fact that some officers have continued to beat up people, but we apologize for those,” he said.

However, Shadow Minister of Internal Affairs and Mukono North representative in parliament Abdullah Kiwanuka says that security organs have performed at 30%.

He notes that there has been a disproportionate use of force and abuse of power, corruption and non-adherence to human rights.

Reports have indicated that Ugandans believe security agencies need to be more human during the hard times.

With just days to the end of the second lockdown, police and her sister agencies have continued to impound cars of city dwellers that have no valid reasons for travel.

Hud recently faced rebuttal for having applauded the recent government endeavour to give vulnerable Ugandans cash tokens worth Ushs. 100,000 as relief to help them through the effects of the ongoing lockdown.

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