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Hud Hussein: Ushs. 100,000 can ably make changes in poor Ugandans’ lives

The Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Kampala Hud Hussein has condemned opposition politicians for criticizing the government’s covid 19 cash relief program. Hud who was addressing journalists at his office in Kampala earlier today said the sh100,000 can ably make changes in poor Ugandans’ lives.

Earlier this month, government started delivering sh100,000 to an estimated 500,000 homesteads affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. The money is delivered via the Mobile Money platform.

The cash handout has however faced by criticism from opposition politicians especially from Kampala who have called for higher fees. These argue the cost of living in Kampala is higher, and the sh100,000 may not do much in bringing food to the table.

Hud Hussein the Resident City Commissioner has however dismissed this – arguing families can buy supplies to last them some time from the Ushs. 100,000.

“Relief money has started going out to the people and those who have not yet received will continue receiving. Relief money is meant for the vulnerable people and those who think that Ushs. 100,000 is meagre are not vulnerable.”

Hud Hussein who heads the city’s Covid 19 task force, also defended the use of town clerks in the identification of potential beneficiaries of the program.

“Such condemnation is baseless becasue security is deverse and in identifying those who should get the money, we had to use non-partizan secuirty and intelligence units to get the uncorrupted lists.”

He dismissed claims he ordered the beating of offenders of the presidential directives against movement as has been alleged on a number of occasions.

“The force which has been used by some officers has been reported to be more than necessary and for that we regret.”

Hud Hussein has been accused on a number of occasions for ordering militants to beat up Kampala residents including impeding some traders from removing their merchandise from the Arcades as the lock down rages down onto them.

Residents have further claimed that the RCC has been paid to ensure traders do not vacate Arcades so as to pay rents arrears when business returns to normal.

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