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State of the nation address: What Museveni really needs to address

President Yoweri Museveni will be giving the state of the nation address this Friday, an account of where the country has come from, what it has achieved and where it is expected to go. Analysts have urged the President to give a plan on how to fix insecurity in the country and detail a proper debt repayment plan.

The country remains in shock over the deadly Tuesday shooting, a rude remainder of the previous shootings that claimed the lives of high profile citizens including former AIGP, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Major Kigundu, High Court judge Joan Kagyezi among others.

‘No one is safe’ are the words that can be heard from the corridors after an assassination attempt on an armed 4-star general with an armed body guard.

As much as the shooting targeted a decorated general, it only highlighted a bigger security problem. According to the 2020 Uganda Police crime report, 37 guns and 844 rounds of different ammunition were reported lost. could it be these missing guns that are wrecking havoc?

With the president set to deliver the state of the nation address this Friday, Ugandans want to hear what he will say about this spate of killings and about their own safety

Political analysts say Ugandans continue to be victims of gun violence and therefore, the security problem should be fixed once for all.

It is not just gun violence that Uganda is struggling with. The economy is also choking on debt. Observers warn that Uganda’s appetite to borrow is dangerous.

As he gives an account of the country’s prospects, analysts argue that the president should give a proper plan on how the country can deal with debt.

The violence perpetuated during elections was an indicator of an intense political contestation. Political pundits say that finding a transition plan of power would solve the issue. But can be done?

It has now been left in the hands of one man, who holds so much hope for millions of Ugandans.

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